"Production crews across the world spend a lot of time scheduling bookings and searching for talent.

This time can be better spent on the production at hand. By using our suite of mobile apps, the process of 'getting into a studio' and 'finding the right talent' is made more streamlined and efficient.

Saving everyone time and money."

~ Sasha Masand

Founder & CEO



We bring you a game-changing mobile platform with apps that make the lives of media professionals and talent a whole easier. By using cutting edge mobile application technology, we aim to cut down on production times and help studio owners/managers better run their studios, their clients can find and book studios fast, while professional talent is able to share their skills on the world stage.

IVO.STUDIO is the brainchild of Sasha Masand a multi-award winning Television Producer and the Founder of INDIAN VOICE-OVERS who has been part of the media industry for over twenty-five years. The IVO.STUDIO suite of mobile apps is the world's first fully integrated mobile platform for media professionals which is about the revolutionize the way people book studios and find quality talent.

Help us to make our apps better by sending us your valuable feedback and suggestions to feedback@ivo.studio

Thank you, and welcome to the ivo.studio family!