How to get the most out of the Console App

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you get the most out the Console app.

  1. Make sure you share enough photos and videos related to your studio. This gives the clients a good idea about what your facility has to offer in terms of equipment, space e.t.c. If you have not, email the photos and video links to us at and we will add them for you.

  2. Make sure you understand the Settings Page by following the steps below...

Click on the Menu icon.

Click on Settings.

Make sure Notifications is turned on. Otherwise, you will miss out on incoming booking requests.

Make sure Stealth Mode is turned off. If turned on your studio will not appear on the map in the Finder App.  When this Mode is activated only your favourite clients and clients that have favorited your Studio will see your Studio on the map.

Click to change your rates.

After selecting the Studio and Room above enter your new rate. Then choose to broadcast the rate change to all Finder App users in your city or not. Then click on Submit below. 

Note: Please use this feature carefully as only 1 rate change is allowed every 24 hours.

3. Now that you are all set it is time to get some bookings in. To do this, share the Finder App with all your existing clients by doing this...

Click on the Menu icon.

Click on Share Finder App and then choose

an app to share the link to the Finder App with your phone contacts. The more clients you get on to the Finder App the easier it becomes for you to manage your scheduling.

If you still have any further queries please contact us by clicking on the Contact Us link in the app here.

Great! Your Console App is now all set to help you manage your studio better!

All the Best!